The firm, since it's inception in 1998, has always been based at Trebiffen which is in Lesnewth (near Boscastle).  At one time, Lesnewth held one of the ancient Courts known as 'Hundred Courts' and the Camelford Magistrates Court (before it was disbanded) was known as the Lewnewth Petty Division.

The Court roll goes back to about 1300  and a legal record from the Helset Assize roll refers to the destruction of a hall and grange as follows:

"Joan who was wife of Ralf gifford junior was summond at the suit of Simon Gifford for waste and destruction of two messuages which she held in dower of the inheritance of Simon in Helliset and Helland Gifford.  He says she pulled down a certain hall value 10 marks and grange val 10 marks and cut down 40 great oaks val 40d and 200 small oaks val 6 d each.  Claimed damages £100."

The offices are located in a refurbished medieval barn.